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Take charge of your event success with Shaw Events

We’re passionate about crafting corporate events that meet the individual briefs of our clients. Providing a free service to the busy bees of the business and social world, Shaw Events has established a reputation for event management that sees the project through from end to end.

Working one-on-one with our clients, we assist you by conducting arrangements on your behalf, whilst completely respecting your overall requirements and personal tastes. Moreover, we enjoy the work that we do, that’s why we offer a free, full-suite service that is dedicated to event organisation—we’ll take the stress and hassle out of your hands so you can pay more attention to enjoying the occasion.

Providing venue and catering booking and other convenient solutions, Shaw Events is able to cater for a variety of occasions. Our team is able to keep a careful eye on your specific vision and the individual needs that you outline in your brief. We recognise that pulling of any kind of event can be daunting, that’s why we’ve developed a set of free solutions that prepares your special corporate or social occasion right down to the finer details.

Selected from a collection of venue sources, we handpick the most suitable location for your needs. Thanks to our past experience and reliable expertise, we allow you to make an informed decision about your choice of venue – all without the leg work.

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Owned and operated by Melanie Shaw

Identifying an all-in-one professional solution to corporate-level event management, Melanie Shaw experienced her inception into event management as her initial step towards success. After many years working in both the events industry (hospitality) and luxury real-estate (sales and negotiation), Melanie’s scope for corporate and social event management has proven itself to be the origin of her current success.

“I’ve spent many years working with corporate people who are typically time poor, having been there myself; I know how useful it can be to have a reliable, well informed and experienced industry expert to take full control and responsibility for this process” – Melanie Shaw

This free service has been specifically designed to provide all clients with a thorough and efficient process. Enabling you to get more involved with the fun of the actual event, we take care of the hard yards of background research and organisational details. We let you focus on your core day-to-day business and what you do best.

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Service Highlights:

  • Client Appraisal – identify your specific client needs via phone, email, in person or other suitable arrangement
  • Venue Selection – choices available to suit those needs, provided to you in a clear format, with images
  • Pricing Analysis – a chart which maps out budget comparisons to work within your parameters
  • Material Preparation – collect all menus, quotes & related information required to make your choice
  • Centralised Event Management – we provide your own unique client log-in which contains all of your chosen event material, stored online for easy access by any personnel playing a key role
  • Ongoing Liaison – post event, we review the event activities for your feedback, and use this information & conclusions in planning for any future events that might be on the horizon
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